The competitive environment for today’s businesses is demanding more focus and concentration on accounting and other financial activities. We provide financial information to our clients in an accurate manner. We believe that well-organized and meaningful financial records make sure that a business operations run efficiently on a daily basis. For this, we strive to record your financial reports in our data. You can access this data with the help of software in real time.


For all small, medium and big businesses, it is essential to keep their financial records up-to-date. Out of all records, bookkeeping comes foremost. However, it is quite expensive for organizations to hire a professional, train them, and then, buying bookkeeping software. In such cases, outsourcing is the wisest option. It reduces the cost and ensures the accuracy of the service. We, at QB Global Services focus at reducing finance and accounting costs of your business with our services that fulfill your accounting, tax and management needs.



The payroll function these days, has become quite time consuming for the small ans well as big business owners. A study says that a business spends eight hours a month performing payroll functions which means 12 days in a year that could have been spent prospecting new business opportunities, generating sales, and improving servicing customers.We ensure that our payroll solutions meet your business’ needs and you spend your valuable time in focusing on your business’ other requirements.


The evolving legislation and rules have posed a challenge in front of organizations in the context of financial aspects. We are aware of the fact that when it comes to tax planning, every case has its own preferences. We handle each case with our approach that all issues must be dealt adhering to their merits and keeping long-term considerations always in mind.

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